Not all cases of prolonging attempts at pregnancy require assisted reproduction programmes. It may happen that a few specialist tests are just enough to find and then eliminate the reasons of problems with getting pregnant.

The first step

When you are planning pregnancy, it is good to consult a gynaecologist who will explain fertility-related mechanisms, order tests preparing for pregnancy and give advice on how to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Additional testing is useful in the optimal preparation of a woman’s body for pregnancy, but it will also help exclude basic abnormalities that may hinder conception. Many disorders and diseases cause significant problems with achieving a pregnancy while they can be easily diagnosed and effectively treated.

When getting pregnant is troublesome, we diagnose and treat first:

  • Urogenital infections
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Impaired thyroid function
  • Hyperprolactinaemia
  • Disorders of sex hormone regulatory mechanisms
  • Abnormalities within the inside of the uterine(more about hysteroscopy here)

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