The ‘Successful In Vitro’ programme aims to provide comprehensive care for patients and to guarantee stable and transparent prices. We present a detailed and reliable description of the treatment course, its effectiveness and costs.

The programme involves a full cycle of in vitro fertilisation treatment: from its beginning until the last embryo is used.

The programme includes:

  • Gynaecological consultations with ultrasound scan during the stimulation stage (stimulation monitoring)
  • Monitoring of hormone levels (LH, FSH, oestradiol, progesterone)
  • Anaesthetic care during the stimulation:
    • anaesthetic consultation
    • a package of anaesthetic tests
    • anaesthesia
    • anaesthetic care following the puncture procedure
  • Virology testing: HIV, HCV, HBsAg (nucleic acid amplification technology)
  • Ovarian puncture under anaesthesia
  • In vitro fertilisation: IVF/ICSI
  • Embryo culture
  • Supervision of all in vitro fertilisation stages using the independent, external electronic RFID system that allows us to identify, track and keep records of reproductive cells and embryos at each stage of the procedure in the embryology laboratory as well as during the embryo transferring, freezing and storing procedures followed by transfers of the frozen-thawed embryos
  • The system of culture in the time-lapse incubators (all embryos in the laboratory are monitored by cameras that show their development every single minute without removing them from the incubator to assess cell divisions. The system ensures an undisturbed course of embryo development and overall documentation of its stages, also in the form of electronic storage devices provided to the patients)
  • Transfers of fresh and frozen embryos until the end of the programme (defined as confirmed clinical pregnancy after the transfer or utilisation of the last embryo from this treatment cycle, whichever comes first)

Success rate of the programme



What is not included in the programme?

  • Tests and consultations required for assessment of eligibility for in vitro fertilisation and preparing for embryo transfers
  • Medications for stimulation and to prepare for embryo transfer, luteal supplementation
  • Freezing and storing embryos throughout the first year from the freezing date
  • Potential egg freezing
  • Additional technologies in the in vitro procedure that can increase its effectiveness in certain situations but are not necessary:
    • IMSI
    • AH
    • Embryo Glue
  • Cost of embryo storage beyond the first year


9 500 PLN

A guarantee of partial programme fee refund in the case of no embryo transfer

In the case of absence of any embryo to be transferred as part of at least one transfer procedure (lack of eggs, lack of mature eggs to fertilise, lack of fertilised eggs, lack of embryos with proper development potential), the patients are entitled to partial programme fee refund of 3,600 PLN.


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