TFP gains new members and a new look. The excellent care stays the same! Read more »

TFP gains new members and a new look. The excellent care stays the same! Read more »

While planning future parenthood, many couples wonder whether or not their fertility is limited. Sometimes, even if not in a relationship, we wonder whether there are any obstacles for us to become a parent.

For these people or couples, we offer a quick and effective basic fertility assessment, available in three packages:

 Package SHE 350 PLNPackage HE 150 PLNPackage COUPLE 450 PLN
Gynaecologic Ultrasound Imagingyesnoyes
Semen Analysis (SA)noyesyes
Assessment of the SA results – laboratory diagnosticiannoyesno
Medical Consultation (including assessment of all test results)yesnoyes

What is included in fertility assessment packages?

AMH Test

AMH Test – the anti-Müllerian hormone is produced by ovarian follicles. The AMH level correlates with a number of follicles that are ready to grow (that is, to release a mature egg, ready to conceive) and is a good determinant of a so-called ovarian reserve. Based on the AMH level, the reproductive potential can be estimated. A low (below 0.7 ng/L) AMH level suggests that there is probably little time to get pregnant. Please remember that AMH levels decrease with age but a single value does not reflect AMH level dynamics – it may decline very quickly and significantly restrict fertility in some women while it may stay low for years in others without excluding a chance for pregnancy.

Gynaecologic Ultrasound Imaging

Gynaecologic Ultrasound – transvaginal ultrasound is performed to evaluate the shape, size and structure of the uterus and endometrium (the mucous membrane that lines the inside of the uterus). It also helps assess location, size and activity of the ovaries. During the ultrasound exam, a doctor may exclude a number of abnormalities that prevent pregnancy.

Semen Analysis (SA)

Semen Analysis – a basic test to assess male fertility. It evaluates sperm concentration, motility, viability and morphology as well as the semen fluid.

Assessment of the Semen Analysis Results

Assessment of the Semen Analysis results – it can be performed by a laboratory diagnostician who explains specific parameters and informs if they may indicate decreased fertility (the option available in the HE package only). When fertility of the couple is evaluated, the SA result is assessed by a specialist doctor – in the context of the partner’s age, her AMH level, the ultrasound findings and available additional tests.

Specialist Consultation

Specialist Consultation – the packages for women and couples include a consultation with a specialist doctor. At this visit, the doctor reviews the AMH and Semen Analysis findings; also, a gynaecological examination is performed. Based on the test results and a short medical history, the doctor will discuss parenthood plans with a woman/couple.

How to make use of the fertility assessment package?

When you choose the packet, simply phone the Centre and arrange its services to be provided. Each package involves two visits at the Centre:

The first visit is intended for testing (AMH on any day of the cycle and/or semen analysis, following 3 to 5 days of sexual abstinence).
At the second visit, the semen analysis results are discussed (HE package) or the results and the ultrasound findings are consulted with a specialist, on any day of the cycle (SHE, COUPLE packages).


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