TFP gains new members and a new look. The excellent care stays the same! Read more »

TFP gains new members and a new look. The excellent care stays the same! Read more »

‘Infertility’ defined as the complete inability to have children has practically disappeared from daily medical practice. Instead, more and more couples experience the problem of infertility being the inability to conceive at a specific time. This means that most of these couples, in view of contemporary knowledge and medicine advancements, can receive help.

Our approach is primarily an individual diagnostic and therapeutic programme

We do not perceive infertility as a disease – it is a journey that we will make together.

We know that infertility diagnosis and treatment frequently occupy a big part of your lives – much more time and emotions than you have expected. By benefitting from our expertise, support and experience, you will manage to smoothly go through the treatment process.

At the first visit, we will try to learn your story as best as possible and offer the optimal management to you.

Each couple will be offered a personalised treatment path based on the infertility management algorithms but tailored to your needs, expectations and potentials.

We respect the will and beliefs of our patients

All treatment options we offer are carefully explained and justified; nevertheless, we respect your will and beliefs. We also respect your time – we will do our best to provide visits and tests with a precise aim.

We maintain cost transparency

We are aware that fertility treatment is costly. Prices of all tests and visits are listed in our price list – you will always know how much you pay and what for. If the assisted reproductive technologies are needed, we will offer transparent treatment programmes.

We are focused on success but we are not afraid of failure

We carefully monitor our success rates and really enjoy every single birth. However, we are aware that we will not always succeed. When our patients decide to finish their treatment, we want them to feel, regardless of its effects, that we have done the very best we could and all that was necessary to help them. This is our goal.


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