dr n. zdr. [HScD] Izabella Grzyb - CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST


About me

Being a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, I spend a lot of time listening to people who let me find out about their personal, difficult experiences. Here at Macierzyństwo I have been cooperating with for more than 10 years, the patients and couples are accompanied by me during their very intimate part of life. These stories are often very emotional. Each person and each couple present different stories of a frequently dramatic struggle for a baby. The stories that change lives.

In my work, I am focused on helping others on the basis of listening, understanding and showing empathy. The change may only come later – when the patients begin to experience and understand their problems differently. The change that may mean development and really transform their lives.

I truly enjoy participating in these changes and the patients’ success gives me a great satisfaction.

Education and professional work experience

A graduate of Jagiellonian University. She graduated in psychology in 2002 and then completed a 4-year psychotherapy programme at JU Medical College accredited by the Polish Psychiatric Association. In 2016, she defended her PhD thesis at the JUMC Department of Health Sciences.


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