TFP gains new members and a new look. The excellent care stays the same! Read more »

TFP gains new members and a new look. The excellent care stays the same! Read more »


dr n. med. [MD, PhD] Wojciech Kolawa - Head of Medical Services and Medically Assisted Reproduction Centre (MARC) –GYNAECOLOGIST/OBSTETRICIAN/ONCOLOGIST

dr n. med. Wojciech Kolawa

After many years of work and experience, I am still as curious about people as I was on the very first day. I am interested in their motivation and keen for them to precisely understand their situation so that they make the right choices.

I particularly appreciate working with informed patients who want to be partners in the treatment and are ready to take key decisions for themselves. It is such a frequent case there are a few choices for a patient to choose from and medicine does not provide a clear suggestion which option would be the right one. When that happens, these are my experience and a specific personal situation of the patient that really count.

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lek. med. [MD] Jerzy Przybycień - GYNAECOLOGIST/OBSTETRICIAN

lek. med. Jerzy Przybycień

Once I heard a quotation saying more or less:   ‘We may be interested in something or involved with something. When we are interested in something, we only do it if we feel comfortable with it. But when we are involved with something, there are no excuses – only effects count.’

I am a doctor with maximum involvement in my work – in line with the above statement. I spend more than ten hours in my office almost every day and it was long ago when assistance for the largest possible number of couples began to change from my professional goal to the personal one over time.

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I find each couple a unique and individual story, and the chosen treatment path is always a one-of-a-kind scenario. The thing is we need to write it… I believe that the key to success is a balance between a friendly relationship with a patient and scientific objectivity.

I am a supporter of healthy, balanced involvement of both parties in the treatment process. My patient is never omitted from decision-making. My task is to analyse all available information thoroughly and to cooperate with the patient on a proper plan to be put into practice with great commitment.

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dr Tomasz Bazański

My biggest job challenge is work with an infertile couple. As a father of two wonderful children, I perfectly understand that parenthood, although difficult, extremely enriches our lives, bringing a lot of joy and satisfaction. Thus, I am fully committed to helping my patients so that they can experience this extraordinary adventure and, at the same time, realise their greatest dream in life.

In my opinion, the keys to success are partnership, empathetic and multifaceted approach to the problem with respect for the dignity and expectations of the patients as well as their participation in the decision-making and therapeutic processes.

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lek. med. [MD] Małgorzata Zembala-Szczerba - GYNAECOLOGIST/OBSTETRICIAN

lek. med. Małgorzata Zembala-Szczerba

While choosing Obstetrics and Gynaecology, I considered the potential of these specialties that open the door to so many development paths. I did not know at that time how much could be done and, above all, how much I wanted to give of myself.

The most important aspect of the therapeutic process seems to be evidence-based knowledge. However, it turns out that the keys to success are finding common ground with the patients and reaching a mutual understanding. The choice of proper solution does not always seem obvious and it is often associated with a longer and more winding path but the highest reward is sharing the satisfaction of what we have achieved together.

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I watch men supporting their partners in the treatment every day. My mission is to help the man, take care of his health and fertility – to prevent him from taking second place.

Men often take a better care of their cars than their health. This is what I change, telling them, ‘If you are to be a father, stay healthy, find yourself as a dad and discover fulfilment in every role in your life.’

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dr n. med. [MD, PhD] Magdalena Janeczko - SPECIALIST IN CLINICAL GENETICS

Dr n. med. Magdalena Anna Janeczko

I do my best to be competent and reliable in my contacts with patients but I am aware that each medical problem means the human suffering. Therefore, I try to build my relationship with patients based on, first of all, empathy and being a human. I have had friendly relations with a lot of my patients’ families for many years.

Being a specialist in clinical genetics and a mum in private life, I understand how precious it is to have a healthy child. I use my knowledge to help others achieve this goal.

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dr n. zdr. [HScD] Izabella Grzyb - CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST


Being a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, I spend a lot of time listening to people who let me find out about their personal, difficult experiences. Here at Macierzyństwo I have been cooperating with for more than 10 years, the patients and couples are accompanied by me during their very intimate part of life. These stories are often very emotional. Each person and each couple present different stories of a frequently dramatic struggle for a baby. The stories that change lives.

In my work, I am focused on helping others on the basis of listening, understanding and showing empathy. The change may only come later – when the patients begin to experience and understand their problems differently. The change that may mean development and really transform their lives.

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lek. med. [MD] Piotr Machota - RADIOLOGIST

lek. med. Piotr Machota

I am a diagnostician who not only loves his work but first of all knows why he does it. I am fully aware of my role in our patients’ treatment – the role which, actually, is its very beginning.

I provide detailed and precise data to Macierzyństwo’s specialists in the format they need to translate them into key decisions for the patients as soon as possible.

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At Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo, she has been involved in embryology for 10 years and she regularly increases her knowledge during international conferences and training courses. She completed Oxford Fertility Unit’s individual training programme ‘IVF Laboratory Management and Quality Control’ In September 2014.

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dr Marcin Marciniak

He gained his knowledge and experience in semen assessment and preparation techniques at the JU Department of Genetics and Evolutionism during his PhD programme. He acquired his skills regarding assisted reproduction procedures (ICSI, IMSI) in the Institute of Reproductive Sciences in Oxford.

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mgr Wioletta Satur

A graduate of Jagiellonian University, Department of Biology; specialisation: Reproductive Genetics and Biology. She acquired her knowledge regarding semen assessment and preparation techniques at the JU Department of Genetics.

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Agnieszka Lutosławska


I am a graduate of Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Pedagogy. I have been working at Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo since June 2016 as the Office and Administration Manager. My responsibilities include supervision of the medical reception team’s tasks, contacts with patients and all administrative aspects of the Centre management. Previously, I worked for 11 years for the LUX MED Group, first as a receptionist, and finally as the Patient Service Manager in the largest facility of the Group. I was responsible for good work organisation of more than ten employees, contacts with the medical staff as well as supervision of the doctors’ schedule and medical records. I have always been and still I am a respected team member who has always been supportive to her colleagues and committed to resolve difficult situations.

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