In vitro fertilisation raises many concerns – you certainly think of the procedure: what it is like, how long each stage lasts and how much it costs, what the treatment success rate is.

We kindly invite you to regular embryology workshops where:

Dr Marta Sikora-Polaczek, the Head of Embryology Laboratory:

  • Will explain what happens in the laboratory ‘from the egg to the embryo’
  • Will let you watch the embryology laboratory through the ‘window’
  • Will answer all your questions or queries about the in vitro fertilisation
  • Will explain advantages of the additional options such as the Primo Vision Embryo Monitoring, Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGS/PGD), IMSI, Assisted Hatching
  • Will describe the Laboratory contacts with the couples who have decided on the in vitro fertilisation
  • Will inform you about the laws and regulations related to the Act on Infertility Treatment

The meetings will be held:

  • Once a month according to the calendar on the website
  • At Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo, Białoprądnicka Street 7a

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